Technical details

We provide Hammer Mill Machine that is suitable for both dry and wet* crushing of medium-hard and brittle materials. Hammer mills are used for grinding almost all types of free-flowing materials. Hammer mills operate on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the hammers.

A hammer mill is essentially a steel drum containing a horizontal rotating shaft or drum on which hammers are mounted. The rotor is spun at a high speed inside the drum while material is fed into a feed hopper.

The material is ground by repeated contact with these hammers, contact with the walls of the grinding chamber, and particle to particle contact. The material remains in the grinding chamber until it is suitably sized to pass through the perforated screen that covers the bottom half of the grinding chamber. Hammers are made up of either MS, EN or Mn. block, which are hardened up to required hardness. The material is contacted by those series of rotating hardened hammers.

Sizes & Capacity

  • Rotor Sizes :  Ø 300 X 300 MM To Ø 1500 X 1500 MM
  • Model Range :  RHM 33 To RHM 1515
  • Feed Capacity : From 2 Ton Per Hour To 100 Ton Per Hour
  • Also Available In Skid Based & Wheel / Track Mounted Mobile Arrangement


  • Vibration Free Operation Due To Dynamically Balanced Rotor
  • Easy Change Of Screens And Hammers
  • Having Good Power Efficiency
  • Able To Produce A Wide Range Of Particle Sizes
  • Low Temperature Rise For Heat Sensitive Materials
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